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  • Tag Kontaktlinsen
  • Einweglinse
  • Silicone Hydrogel
  • 14.10mm
  • 8.50mm
  • Delefilcon A


DAILIES TOTAL 1 contact lenses are constructed in a new innovative Silicone Hydrogel-Lightstream type, made by wetness gradients within the diameter of the lens. These gradients allow the lens to reach almost 100% water content at the edge of the surface and provide a silky feeling to the end of the day. Besides, it keeps the high standard that silicone-hydrogel lenses have. It has 6 times more air permeability compairing to other popular market lenses. This high quality lens allows proper oxygenation for healthy eyes. As for the user-friendliness of the lens, features the well known Visitint system testator and because of their shading is easily to see them in their case.

90 pieces package

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