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  • Monatlinsen
  • Einweglinse
  • Silicone Hydrogel
  • 14.20mm
  • 8.80mm
  • Unifilcon A



Biooptic Air combines the benefits of silicone with the extra coating technology. The key benefit of silicone hydrogel is to feed the eye with more oxygen than any other material for contact lenses. But oxygen transmissibility is not feature for evaluating the contact lens. Fitting and comfort matters more to most wearers.


The eyes are kept wet by tears circulating beneath the lipid layer. A normal contact lens often disrupts this natural lipid layer causing dryness, irritation, and lens fogging due to protein build-up. The new extra coating of Biooptic Air prevent these issues in a simple and effective way. The cushion of tears above the eye is there because of a tear-friendly layer of mucin on the cornea. The extra coating creates this mucin-like surface on the lens material itself. The coated lens is tear friendly, like the natural occuring mucin layer, buoyed by tears on tboth sides. This seamless integration of the lens into the tear film maintains the lipid layer so the eye is protected against dryness and the lens is protected against protein buildup.

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